This is a brief overview of using our client center to access and complete your 1040 tax organizer.

The first step is to click on the client login button and enter the user name and password provided to you by our firm. Finally, click login and you’ll be redirected into your private portal.

You’ll notice we have a web organizer. Click on the web organizer. You can then click around and fill out the organizer at your leisure.

Note that there are three buttons at the top. If you don’t like working with the organizer online, you have the option to click “Create PDF” and print the organizer out in hard copy. If you work on your organizer and you are not yet ready to complete it, you can click on “Save & Close”, which will allow you to come back and complete the organizer later. Once you are finished with your organizer, you can click “Send to Preparer” and we will receive a message informing us that your organizer has been completed. It is IMPORTANT to remember that you should not select the button entitled “Send to Preparer” until you have completed the web organizer. Once the “Send to Preparer” option is chosen, you will not be able to access the web organizer to make additional changes. However, you may still print a paper copy.

Also notice the attachments link. From here you can upload digital images of your various tax documents. If you’d like to send us your W-2’s, 1099’s, K-1’s and other supporting documents this way, you click “Add files”and choose the documents to upload from your computer and click “Start uploads” and the uploaded documents with be displayed in the box titled Filename. The documents you upload will be available for us to download at our office and will be included when you submit your completed web organizer. This is a very safe and secure way for us to transfer documents if you don’t want to mail them or drop them by our office.

When you are finished, you can click sign out.